6 Reasons Why Your University Should Rebrand

January 26, 2023

6 Reasons Why Your University Should Rebrand

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6 Reasons Why Your University Should Rebrand

If this question is at the forefront of discussions at your institution, then the answer is probably YES! Your brand is the soul of your organization and the reason a prospective student and family will choose you against other institutions. If you’ve recently asked yourself, “Does our messaging reflect who we are? Why would a prospect choose us? Can our audience see themselves in our campaigns?” then keep reading. A university rebrand can be a powerful tool for creating a fresh, modern image and connecting with new audiences. It’s even more powerful when you uncover your institution’s authentic self and share it with the world, unapologetically. Here are a few reasons why a university might choose to rebrand:

  1. To reflect changes in the university: Universities are constantly evolving, and a rebrand can reflect changes in the institution’s mission, values, or focus. For example, a university may have added new programs, expanded its research capabilities, or new leadership may have come on board. A rebrand can help communicate these changes to the public.
  2. To Stand Apart and Above™ in a crowded market: With so many universities vying for student enrollment, research funding, and prestige, it can be challenging for any one institution to stand out. A rebrand can help a university differentiate itself from its competitors and create a unique, memorable image.
  3. To reach new audiences: A rebrand can also help a university connect with new audiences, such as prospective students, donors, or business partners. By updating its image and messaging, a university can appeal to new groups of people and expand its reach.
  4. To create a sense of unity and purpose: A rebrand can also create a sense of unity and purpose among students, faculty, and staff. By crafting a new visual identity and messaging, a university can help people feel more connected to the institution and more motivated to be part of its mission.
  5. Attracting more right-fit students: A rebrand can help a university appeal to prospective students by showcasing its strengths and highlighting the unique opportunities it offers. Aligning who you are with the prospective student who could thrive at your institution is incredibly powerful and impacts enrollment, retention, graduation rates, alumni engagement, and future advancement of the university. 
  6. Enhancing the student experience: A rebrand can also create a sense of pride and belonging among current students. A strong, cohesive visual identity makes students feel more connected to the university and more likely to get involved in campus life.

A university rebrand can significantly impact your university’s image and identity. However, the biggest impact you can make is to lean into your institution’s strengths and unique attributes that make you truly amazing. In a sea of sameness, it takes bravery and commitment to Stand Apart and Above. And here at Up&Up, we encourage you to own who you are and share it with the world.