AMA Higher Ed 2017 – 6 Things to Learn and Do

November 11, 2017

AMA Higher Ed 2017 – 6 Things to Learn and Do

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AMA Higher Ed 2017 – 6 Things to Learn and Do

Maybe you’ve been to Atlanta, maybe not. Like any city, it has seen celebration, struggle, and strife. The same can easily be said about the South in general. But here you are, at AMA in Atlanta. Normally, we’d tell you to swing by our booth to chat, but this year we feel there is a bigger purpose at play.

We feel like the opportunity to travel to a place like Atlanta should bring with it the opportunity for exploration, education, and connection. To explore not only good presentations at AMA, but also a great culture. Atlanta is replete with amazing art, diverse food, and incredible music. So instead of hanging out in an exhibitor hall during breaks or in the evening, go explore, go learn, go connect. Below are a few far better ways to spend your time in Atlanta than talking to us.

Atlanta – A Primer

It is one of the country’s major metros, but it’s unique in that no other city has been adopted by its state or even region quite like Atlanta. Atlanta is as much Macon, Savannah, Waycross, and Valdosta as it is East Point, Decatur, Marietta, and Gwinnett. It’s the reason you’ll find Braves fans from North Carolina to Mississippi. Atlanta is the capitol of the South, and it reflects the culture of not only its own inhabitants, but the culture of the entire state and region.


Your options are limited within a half mile of the hotel. We are in a bit of a cultural dead zone. But, a mile away in any direction lies salvation. We’d recommend Ponce City Market. There are a handful of great restaurants right there, including Sean Brock’s twist on Mexican, Minero.

Georgia Tech

If you want to see one of the more unique college settings, head to Georgia Tech. Somehow, the campus feels compartmentalized and not part of downtown even though corporate giants like Coca-Cola loom large if given the right vantage point from campus.


As diverse and great as you’ll find in any state in the US. From OutKast and their roots in the basements of East Point, to the acoustic rock of the Indigo Girls, to the alt rock of R.E.M. and The Whigs over in Athens, to the soul and funk of Otis Redding and James Brown and Little Richard, the state of Georgia will cover nearly any musical taste. Don’t believe us? Check out our AMA playlist many of your peers helped to compile.


The High Museum of Art is a quick Lyft away and worth every small penny. They just opened a civil rights photography exhibit that looks amazing. Also, the architecture of the museum itself is worth the trip.


Atlanta has been an epicenter for the civil rights movement for over a half century. I have heard fantastic things about the Center for Civil and Human Rights and hope to get there this week.

We hope you enjoy your time down South. Hopefully we’ll see you at one of these amazing places.