Your CASE III Packing List

February 1, 2017

Your CASE III Packing List

Your CASE III Packing List

Are you joining us at CASE III in Nashville next week? We have your last-minute packing list covered.

Velociraptor repellent spray

Because let’s be honest, there are probably dinosaurs hiding out in one of those massive Atrium/Conservatories. Take a stroll around and you’ll see what we mean. If you see Sam Neill, (otherwise known as That Guy From Jurassic Park) you’ll know it’s about to get real.

Plans to attend our session on Tuesday afternoon

We’re excited to talk about getting beyond the buzzwords with the University of Georgia—join us Tuesday at 4:15 in Cheekwood G.


Why? Because getting around the Gaylord Opryland “Larger Than Many Midwest Towns” Hotel & Convention Center will put a major boost in your step count, and probably wear out a pair of shoes. Remember when the Segway was promoted as a world-changing product? It has changed mall cop’s lives forever, we’ll give it that.

Up&Up branded football

We lied on the packing thing on this one, because we’ll have a limited quantity at our booth (#510) during the Big Game watch party on Sunday night. Come snag one and take it home to your kids, or to any coworkers with dreams of football stardom.

One last thing…

Don’t be like the guy in the header image of this post…get your suitcase all packed, head out the door of the barn (?) you live in, into the wild, grassy fields of grain, and forget to get in your car. We’re not sure just how far he’s getting on foot. 

Our CASE All-Stars “starting lineup” (we had to get one All-Stars reference in) will be: Matt McFadden & Jeremiah Barba.

You’re all set. See you at CASE III!