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SMX Advanced Recap & SEM Takeaways

Google loves to keep search marketers on their toes. Whether it’s through changing the algorithm that affects how Google presents rankings or adding new ways to target users in the

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Top College Majors for Gen Z

5 College Majors for Gen Z

Just after colleges and universities have adapted to the unique traits of Millennials, a new generation has arrived to shake up higher education: introducing Gen Z, digital natives born after

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Ending strong, starting fast

With a slew of alumni events in your rearview and commencement looming, you’ve just realized that you haven’t spent all of this year’s marketing budget. And much like your health insurance cafeteria plan, if you don’t spend it, it’s gone forever. Just like it’s a bad idea to schedule last-minute lasik, it’s not a great idea to just throw money at production work or that t-shirt cannon you’ve been eyeing since 2013.

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