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Snapchat uses for Higher Ed Marketing

Snapchat For Higher Ed Marketing

The payoff of Snapchat can be hard to nail down. Simplicity? Assured engagement? Intimacy of instant connection? College students seem to have figured it out, but what about the institutions they attend?

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User Experience Higher Education

User Experience Is No Longer A Digital Term

We grew up as a digital agency, so the term user experience lends itself towards online spaces. But as we’ve grown into the higher ed marketing world the last 7 years, user experience has taken on new meaning.

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It's Not About The Shoebox

It’s Not About the Shoebox

It happened in the middle of a social media workshop we were facilitating at the University of Kentucky: a beautiful analogy dropped into our discussion.

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Humor Higher Ed Marketing

A Field Guide to Humor in Higher Ed Marketing

Another Monday, another communications department meeting in a cavernous boardroom. Updates from various people of importance. At first, it looks like it’ll be a pretty run-of-the-mill Monday meeting, and then the Vice President drops the bomb: “Guys, I think we need to be more funny. Teens love funny. Millennials love funny. How do we be funny?”

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Nontraditional Students Higher Ed

Nontraditional: The New Traditional

What do you think of when you hear “nontraditional” in higher ed? Adult learner? Part-time student? Hybrid program? MOOCs? With higher ed’s ongoing makeover, there’s more meaning in that word than ever before.

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