More Than A Website: Finding Your Story

February 1, 2016

More Than A Website: Finding Your Story

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More Than A Website: Finding Your Story

Maybe you don’t need a website. Maybe it’s much deeper. Maybe there’s a story with roots far beyond the home page waiting to be found. Maybe your true brand is going untold.

That’s what we found at the Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction. They came to us for a website. But through research and discovery, we found that they didn’t need a website, they need to unwrap their own beautiful story of excellence and achievement.

We saw that the Auburn CADC trains architecture students to do first-rate work, and they become world-class architects, alumni ambassadors for a high-quality program. Their work goes into some of the world’s best buildings, and impacts consumer products for world-renowned brands.

But their site wasn’t telling that story. They needed much more than a website.

Sure, a website may house that story. But that comes only after you discover the core of who you are.

Once we found and helped Auburn tell that story (not overnight, but through a long-term, collaborative partnership), we built a platform to share it with the world, and they’ve seen great results (34% enrollment lift, 10% increase in organic recruitment traffic.)

So maybe you don’t just need a website.

First, find your story.

Ready to find your story? Let’s talk.