Getting Strategic About Risk

Episode 70

EP. 70:

Getting Strategic About Risk

Allison featuring Adam Landrum

with Adam Landrum

Adam Landrum founded Up&Up and has led it since 2002. He graduated cum laude from Clemson University and was recruited by Arthur Andersen, but his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he set out to create a digital agency with an incredible culture & business model.

Adam’s passion is impacting people’s lives through life-changing educational experiences. He oversees the agency’s strategic direction, guides the leadership team & finds amazing ways to help our clients impact students worldwide. He’s worked with a wide range of clients, from helping Clemson build the nation’s #1 alumni network to teaming with Erskine College to drive their highest enrollment in 50 years.

Outside of Up&Up, Adam serves the church and its mission and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs. But the lives he hopes to impact the most are his lovely wife Shely and their four children.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Adam followed his instincts and founded Up&Up, and why he believes the challenges we are facing today create an opportunity to rethink how we do things
  • What key challenges Adam and the team at Up&Up have overcome, and how Adam learns from mistakes and uses them as an opportunity to improve
  • Why Adam chose to take a risk and change Up&Up’s delivery model to focus on nurturing long-term relationships with clients
  • How Adam uses a Strategic Coach tool called an “impact filter” to help him make more sound decisions and take the right risks
  • What advice Adam has to share for anyone struggling to communicate difficult situations to leadership
  • How Adam developed his leadership skills and strengthened his ability to strategize, lead and implement
  • Why Up&Up’s values are so core to the team’s work, and how “conscious leadership” is a key component of their values
  • How to identify the unique abilities your team members bring to the table, and how an “activity inventory” can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Why the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” (EOS) can be an invaluable resource for ensuring that the right people are in the right seats
  • How to build a real, compelling vision and make a big impact on the success of your team’s efforts


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Adam Landrum

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