Standing Out by Serving a Unique Niche

Episode 78

EP. 78:

Standing Out by Serving a Unique Niche

Allison featuring Andy Greeter

with Andy Geeter

Andy has worked in education for about 30 years, serving at various times as an admission counselor, admission director, charter school head of school and adjunct college faculty member. He began his career working at his alma mater, Oglethorpe University, before becoming director of admission at LaGrange College. He then left higher education for 11 years to run a K-8 charter school in Newnan, GA. Since July of 2015, Andy has had the privilege of serving as Vice President of Enrollment Management at Andrew College.

Andy and his wife Karen have been married for 31 years. They have two sons who are recent college graduates, and a daughter who is a high school freshman.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Andy’s career has given him a broad perspective, having worked in many aspects of education including K-12, national and regional liberal arts institutions
  • How Andy made the transition from secondary education to higher education, and what makes Andrew College, a two-year private residential institution, unique
  • How the small 300-student institution serves students throughout Georgia, and what programs and opportunities they offer their student body
  • How Andrew College has a high rate of graduates going on to four-year institutions, and how they prepare their students for the transition with a solid foundational education
  • What sort of prospective student outreach efforts Andrew College makes, who their ideal right-fit students are, and how their outreach has changed in the pandemic
  • How Andrew College sets about offering a different type of college experience than the institutions they are competing with
  • How the institution stays highly price-competitive while offering the added layer of the residential experience
  • How as a father, Andy helped his own sons make important choices about their college career and about which school to attend
  • How the outbreak of the global pandemic has created a notable education gap, and why Andrew College may be the ideal stepping stone for struggling students



Andy Greeter

Vice President of Enrollment Management at Andrew College