Using an Enterprise Model for Your In-House Teams

Episode 63

EP. 63:

Using an Enterprise Model for Your In-House Teams

Allison and Scott featuring Carly Kite Lapinski

with Carly Kite Lapinski

Carly Kite Lapinski is Associate Vice President for Marketing Communications at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where she oversees central marketing and print services for the independent, coeducational Ivy League institution and seventh-oldest college in the United States. She joined Brown in 2017.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How one of the first challenges Carly tackled when she began working at Brown University was taking stock of the team’s resources and organizational structure
  • What advice Carly suggests for working to de-silo your teams and resources, and why cross training your team members can help
  • What an “enterprise model” is and how Carly and her team at Brown use this model to be more strategic in their efforts
  • How time and trust have been crucial for managing the centralized approach Carly has brought to Brown’s marketing and communications
  • How Carly prioritizes projects and resources, and why adding the right team members to her teams has been challenging but rewarding
  • How Brown’s marketing model includes student participation, and why bringing in student content creators and focus groups is becoming an increasing focus
  • What primary challenges, big wins and and lessons Carly and her teams have been able to draw from their enterprise model
  • What processes, tools and templates Carly and her team use to ensure brand and messaging consistency
  • Why buy-in and support from the university’s leadership has been key and how Carly uses metrics to show value and provide insights to leadership
  • Why Carly is especially proud of her team’s recent public health campaign for students’ return to campus amid the global COVID-19 pandemic


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Carly Kite Lapinski

Associate Vice President for Marketing Communications, Brown University in Providence