How a Good Idea Becomes a Great Idea

Episode 29

EP. 29:

How a Good Idea Becomes a Great Idea

Allison featuring Chad Baldwin

with Chad Baldwin

Chad Baldwin has been the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the University of Wyoming for four years. He came to the university as Director of Institutional Communications in 2011, after a 25-year career as a journalist, including serving as editor of Wyoming’s largest newspaper, the Casper Star-Tribune.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the University of Wyoming plays a vital role in the economic future in the nation’s least-populous state
  • What unique challenges UW faces in encouraging its higher education attainment levels, and how Chad and his team work to address those challenges
  • How UW developed and launched its first comprehensive branding campaign in years, “The World Needs More Cowboys”
  • How connecting with an agency partner helped UW turn their initial campaign ideas into a true movement
  • How the campaign has created countless opportunities for the university, including new merchandising
  • How the university dealt with pushback against the campaign’s tagline, and how support for the campaign became a unifying movement
  • What advice Chad offers to anyone concerned about criticism and pushback with potential campaigns
  • How UW’s campaign earned more than $6 million in free advertising due to media coverage around its video
  • How UW dealt with the challenge of campaign launch right after their agency partner shut down
  • How UW’s campus diversity has improved since the campaign launched, and how Chad expects to continue this campaign for at least a few more years

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Chad Baldwin

Associate VP for Marketing & Communications, University of Wyoming