Admissions in the Age of Pandemic

Episode 61

EP. 61:

Admissions in the Age of Pandemic

Allison and Scott featuring Christine Bowman

with Christine Bowman

Christine Bowman has served as the Dean for Enrollment Services at Southwestern University since May of 2014​. Her responsibilities include overseeing the admission office​ to set enrollment philosophies at Southwestern University.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the global pandemic and its effects have impacted the work Christine and her team have done, and what adjustments they have made to adapt to the new reality
  • What major wins Christine experienced during the summer enrollment period, and what important lessons she was able to glean from the challenges the team faced
  • What adjustments Southwestern University has made to adhere to social distancing and health safety guidelines
  • How Christine and her team are preparing for the coming enrollment cliff, and what steps they are taking now to strongly position themselves in advance of the drop
  • Why traditional name lists through the SAT and ACT may not work as well as it has in the past, and why creative nontraditional solutions are needed
  • What tips and strategies Christine has to share for better collaboration between marketing and admissions teams
  • How Christine is focusing on maintaining authenticity and Soutwestern University’s sense of self even while innovating new strategies
  • How strong collaboration across Southwestern had become a powerful asset to help drive their success through this transition
  • What steps Christine is taking to help students and their families address financial concerns, especially during this difficult period
  • How Southwestern works not just to recruit new students but to retain existing students by showing the value of the education and experiences they offer


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Christine Bowman

Dean for Enrollment Services, Southwestern University