Having Challenging (but Productive) Conversations

Episode 58

EP. 58:

Having Challenging (but Productive) Conversations

Allison and Scott featuring Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

with Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

  • How at Up&Up, “conscious leadership” embedded in the agency’s culture by CEO Adam Landrum has created an environment of true collaboration and open dialog
  • How conscious leadership is comprised of fifteen commitments, including “taking radical responsibility”, “learning through curiosity”, and “speaking candidly”
  • Why these fifteen commitments are a powerful platform for having difficult but productive conversations within the team
  • How radical candor is the ability to challenge directly and show that you are caring personally at the same time
  • Why understanding your goals and intentions for having difficult conversations before you have them is necessary for ensuring that they are productive
  • How radical candor can help you have difficult conversations by lowering defensiveness and reducing the likelihood of mistrust
  • Why challenge can be a positive thing, and why having the courage to say something despite discomfort or worry is crucial
  • Why it is good to bring problems you’ve identified into the conversation, even if you don’t have the solutions
  • Why being candid should come from a place of caring, to avoid turning into unnecessarily mean “brutal honesty”
  • Why having strong, ongoing consistent communication can help you discuss problems before they become major issues

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Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

Business Development Manager and Director of Business Development, Up&Up