Getting Stakeholder Buy-In

Episode 69

EP. 69:

Getting Stakeholder Buy-In

Allison featuring Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

with Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why getting stakeholder buy-in for your big projects and initiatives should be widespread and should happen as early as possible
  • Why approaching everyone who will be interacting with your new project early in the process is the key to minimizing pushback
  • How an early working session can help you achieve stakeholder buy-in, and how to conduct an effective working session
  • Why stakeholder buy-in can offer a sense of empowerment and be a powerful and effective tool for change management
  • How to avoid the perils of “death by committee”, and how to identify the core and key groups of decision makers and stakeholders
  • Why effective communication is crucial for success, and how a project “micro-site” can help you offer your stakeholders a broader overview of your progress



Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

Business Development Manager and Director of Business Development, Up&Up