5 strategies for more impactful digital campaigns

Episode 73

EP. 73:

5 strategies for more impactful digital campaigns

Allison featuring Allison Lanier and Chris Huebner

with Allison Lanier and guest host Chris Huebner

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why there are often many overlooked opportunities to optimize your digital marketing campaign even prior to its launch
  • Why you should always consider how your audience interprets and experiences your campaigns, both on an intuitive and emotional level and more analytically
  • Why the first strategy is to design for distinctiveness and to ensure that your design elements stay consistent, distinct, and easily connected to your brand
  • Why the second strategy is to consider the emotions, benefits, and associations you want your audience to make when engaging with your campaign
  • Why the third strategy is to create an intuitive link between your ad and your landing page to reinforce the narrative you want to share
  • Why the fourth strategy is to use a benefits-driven headline and an action-oriented sub-headline to complete your narrative
  • Why the fifth strategy is to provide social proof that helps establish who your typical end-user is and reinforce behaviors and beliefs
  • Why it can be very easy to view the individual elements of a marketing campaign in a silo, and why thinking about the integrated whole can be much more effective



Allison Lanier and Chris Huebner

Business Development Manager and Manager, Digital Strategy