A High School Senior’s Perspective

Episode 65

EP. 65:

A High School Senior’s Perspective

Allison featuring Grantland Rogers

with Grantland Rogers

Grantland Rogers, a high school senior honors student from Easley, SC preparing to enter higher education, shares his experiences with the marketing materials he has received, the admissions processes he has navigated, and his perspective as a top-performing high school student considering his higher education options.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Grantland has been in honors classes since the 8th grade and in AP classes, placing in the top five of his graduating class
  • What areas of study Grantland hopes to focus on in college, and what he is looking for in the higher education institutions he is considering
  • Why it is important for Grantland to attend a higher ed institution that doesn’t just prepare him for his future career but for being an independent adult
  • Why talking to higher ed students about their own experiences has been invaluable to Grantland, and why he wishes institutions would provide a way to connect with students
  • How Grantland would like to see higher ed institutions bring more of the on-campus experience to their virtual tours
  • What key experiences with institutions have most resonated with Grantland, and what questions he’s still seeking answers for
  • Why Grantland would like higher ed institutions to offer a support network to help smooth the transition to being a college student and developing adult life skills
  • How Grantland is looking to his parents to help him make big decisions about his education, and why he still values the personalized touch of physical mail and text messaging
  • Grantland shares an experience he had that gave him a less-than-positive impression of that school, and what he would recommend institutions do differently
  • What one thing Grantland would change to make his decision easier to come to, and why a sense of calm and reassurance is key

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Grantland Rogers

High School Senior Honors Student