Making Social Media Fun and Engaging

Episode 50

EP. 50:

Making Social Media Fun and Engaging

Allison and Scott featuring Hannah Kerr

with Hannah Kerr

Hannah Kerr is a 24 year old, Nashville native living in South Carolina to pursue her dreams as a Photographer, Content Creator, and Educator. She is on this journey with her fiance, who she met when she was 10 years old.

Hannah started her career around 3 years ago with her first blog called Kerrageously Made. This online platform served as her healing method as she was recovering from an eating disorder and utilizing her faith to figure out her next steps. From her hardships, she found her passion for creating positive content through photographs and writing so she could shine some light and personal experience onto someone needing it.

In college, Hannah found so much joy when having one-on-one conversations with women. She decided to mix that passion with her blogging skills and lead a women’s group called the Little Pink Book. A few years later, she took this name and turned it into an online platform for workshops, mentoring and photography for those growing a business or blog.

Hannah created two workshops on the how-to’s of social media and blogging on-the-go. She offers brand and blog photography for online influencers. Most importantly, she offers one-on-one coffee sessions to discuss all things life, media, photography tips, prayer requests, you name it! By taking her past experience of blogging and applying it to others, she hopes she can make a difference not only in their social media feed, but in their life journeys.

If you see her, she’s probably wearing a hat, planning her next travel wishlist for adventurous photoshoots, or meeting with her clients and/or bride and groom at local coffee shops.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Hannah followed her older sister’s path into public relations, and how personal struggles led to her first blog and a brand new career path
  • Why Hannah feels passionately about social media and the opportunity to create positive effects in the lives of others
  • How diverse skills and plenty of networking were the keys to Hannah’s growth as a social media influencer and photographer
  • How Instagram became Hannah’s preferred social media platform and introduced her content to a much broader audience
  • How to effectively use social media features to connect to your audience and form new relationships with brands and social media users
  • Why Hannah believes that social media is the key to accelerating your growth and impact, and why trial and error is necessary to figure out what works for you
  • What advice Hannah has to offer to help you better connect with students and create conversations
  • What tips and tools Hannah has to share to help you start out on social media, how to schedule your posts, and why it’s important to accept and learn from failures
  • Why your students can be a powerful and budget-friendly resource who can help you create engaging social media content
  • Why sharing your passion online is the secret to creating engaging content that generates interest, and why you shouldn’t fear trying new things

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