Helping Students Succeed During the Pandemic

Episode 54

EP. 54:

Helping Students Succeed During the Pandemic

Allison and Scott featuring Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

with Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the global pandemic and social distancing requirements have dramatically increased the number of webinar offerings available to higher ed professionals
  • How Up&Up is now offering its own webinar series, and how Scott and Allison have found value in participating in webinars from others in the industry as well
  • What facts, trends, and best practices Scott and Allison have noticed in how higher ed institutions have prepared for the fall 2020 term during the pandemic
  • How many students have shifted their plans to second- or third-choice institutions to stay closer to home and as a cost-saving measure
  • How 45% of students have reported that the global pandemic has had either a strong or extremely strong impact on their emotional and mental preparedness
  • What concerns students are experiencing going into a remote learning environment, and how these concerns have an outsized impact on students with limited financial means
  • Why communication is the vital key to ensure students’ success during the fall term and new academic year, despite the challenges and changes they are facing


Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

Business Development Manager and Director of Business Development, Up&Up