Increasing Alumni Engagement

Episode 40

EP. 40:

Increasing Alumni Engagement

Allison and Scott featuring Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

with Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Scott and Allison have had very different alumni experiences keeping in touch with their alma mater
  • How 85 percent of alumni professionals believe their alma maters need to do more to attract and engage alumni
  • How 56 percent of donors say they would be willing to become repeat givers if they received personalized messages from their institutions
  • How the trend of Give Days is on the rise, and why developing an ongoing relationship with alumni helps improve engagement
  • Why your institution should offer stories that show how students directly benefit from alumni donations
  • How Give Days encourage engagement and participation beyond just financial gifts
  • Why tailoring your efforts to your audience and creating compelling outreach programs will help you earn results


Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

Business Development Manager and Director of Business Development, Up&Up