There Is More to Admissions Than Meets the Eye

Episode 20

EP. 20:

There Is More to Admissions Than Meets the Eye

Allison featuring Jeremy Tiers

with Jeremy Tiers

An expert in communication, relationship development, and leadership, Jeremy Tiers has quickly become a familiar name and speaker in college admission and enrollment management circles. Jeremy works as the Director of Admissions Services for Tudor Collegiate Strategies (TCS) and leads their admissions division.

TCS partners with college and university admissions, marketing, and campus visit teams, helping them with staff training workshops, ongoing professional development, and unique email and letter campaigns for undergraduate student recruitment.

Jeremy has spoken at, or been the keynote speaker for, numerous NACAC affiliate conferences and the NACAC National Conference. He’s also been featured as a guest on Admissions Live. Jeremy frequently contributes to #EMchat on Twitter and serves as the editor of a well-known, weekly college admissions email newsletter.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What key strategies marketers should take to the admission team to ensure they drive success
  • How your team may use athletic recruitment strategies in the academic space
  • How marketing plays a role in the admissions ladder
  • How vlogging can bring new elements to your work in recruiting and other areas
  • Why higher ed marketers should start doing more and talking less
  • How to create a sense of personalization as prospects move from the virtual application to an in-person meeting
  • How personalized communication reaches prospective students and their parents at the high school level
  • What three key traits make athletic coaches successful recruiters


Jeremy Tiers

Director of Admissions Services, Tudor Collegiate Strategies