Ambition Can’t Wait: An Awareness Campaign

Episode 42

EP. 42:

Ambition Can’t Wait: An Awareness Campaign

Allison featuring Joe Master and Craig Kampes

with Joe Master and Craig Kampes

Joe Master is the assistant vice president of marketing and digital strategy at Drexel University. Previously, he served as assistant dean of marketing, communications and enrollment strategy at Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts. His work, both for higher ed institutions and freelance clients, has appeared in newspapers, magazines, television commercials, and on tiny screens across the nation. He serves on the Board of Directors for the College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals, an organization devoted to developing higher education marketing and communications leaders in the Mid-Atlantic states. Joe studied creative writing and philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2004.

Craig Kampes is the assistant vice president of communications and marketing enrollment management and student success at Drexel University. Craig has worked at Drexel for more than eleven years, leading a communications and marketing department that provides strategic recommendations and creative executions for all divisions within enrollment management and student success. These efforts support the university’s goal of engaging and enrolling thousands of right-fit students each year while supporting student success from arrival through graduation. The department also works in collaboration with communication offices throughout the university to unify and align Drexel’s external communications under a singular voice and identity. Prior to his time at Drexel, Craig spent 11 years with advertising agencies such as Young and Rubicam and Wunderman in New York City and Gyro Worldwide in Philadelphia. Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising/PR from Penn State University.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the storytelling aspect of working in higher ed is Joe’s passion, and why Craig strongly believes in helping students and the community
  • How Joe and Craig promote collaboration between their two separate and distinct teams
  • What challenges Joe and Craig faced in developing a unified brand message for Drexel University
  • How Joe and Craig and their team launched the “Ambition Can’t Wait” campaign, and how they learned they needed to solidify a cohesive and positive message
  • How research and analytics became the backbone of Drexel’s revamped marketing campaign
  • How the campaign helped Drexel clarify its enterprise-level mission, and who Joe and Craig target with the campaign
  • Why the campaign’s visuals led to its overall impact, and how these striking images have helped increase the campaign’s reach
  • How campaign reflects the changing world and big real-world events
  • How Joe and Craig have brought their teams into the campaign, and how everyone involved feels excited and engaged
  • What valuable lessons Joe and Craig learned throughout the process of campaign development and implementation

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Joe Master and Craig Kampes

AVP of Marketing and Digital Strategy and AVP of Communications and Marketing, Drexel University