Maximizing Your Social Media Success

Episode 34

EP. 34:

Maximizing Your Social Media Success

Allison featuring Jon-Stephen Stansel

with Jon-Stephen Stansel

Jon-Stephen Stansel is a social media professional with almost a decade of experience managing and creating content for higher education, small business, and government social media accounts. He has worked for the University of Central Arkansas, Texas State University, the Texas Department of Transportation, as well as consulting for many small businesses. In addition, he has taught courses in social media management and presented at many national and international conferences including HighEd Web, the International Congress of Technological Innovation in Buenos Aires, and the Association of International Educators. He holds a bachelor’s degree in radio and television production and a master’s degree in English both from Arkansas State University. He enjoys photography, reading, typography, and being an early adopter of technology.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jon-Stephen found his way into a social media career by originally teaching English and integrating social media tools into his classes
  • Why social media’s ever-evolving nature and complexity excites Jon-Stephen, and why he enjoys staying at the forefront of new trends like TikTok
  • How advertising transparency data on competitor use of social media helps Jon-Stephen advocate for social media budget increases
  • Why your institution should centralize social media messaging and decisions, and what positives come from having an overarching strategy
  • What advice Jon-Stephen offers to marketing professionals dealing with different parts of their institution competing with each other on social media
  • Why you should look at other higher ed institutions outside of your area who are achieving social media success
  • Why Jon-Stephen wrote his blog post, “How Long Does Bad Content Last?” as a response to an outdated infographic too often shared as gospel
  • How Jon-Stephen builds his own digital brand while also solidifying the University of Central Arkansas social media presence, and why professional authenticity is key
  • What emerging social media trends and technologies Jon-Stephen recommends learning about
  • Why simplicity in social media is sometimes more effective than “the wow factor,” and why it is important to use data first

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Jon-Stephen Stansel

Digital Media Specialist, University of Central Arkansas