Taking Advantage of New Trends in Digital Marketing

Episode 55

EP. 55:

Taking Advantage of New Trends in Digital Marketing

Allison and Scott featuring Justin Croxton

with Justin Croxton

Justin Croxton is the managing partner at Propellant Media, a digital advertising and marketing technology company based out of Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. His team primarily focuses on best-in-class programmatic display solutions ranging from geofencing marketing to OTT advertising, and they also partner with a host of digital agencies who leverage Propellant Media’s platforms, process, and execution.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Propellant Media differentiates themselves by developing their expertise in programmatic display solutions and other cutting edge marketing avenues
  • How Justin defines “programmatic display” as the automated buying and selling of display ads in real time
  • How OTT advertising and geofencing marketing fit within the heading of programmatic display, and why OTT advertising creates great, targeted opportunities for higher ed
  • How geofencing marketing works to serve ads based in highly precise geographic areas, using location to offer insights into the audience
  • How the global pandemic is creating challenges, specifically with geofencing, and how the Propellant team is shifting strategies to match students’ current behavior
  • Why advertising is only as effective as the landing page that users are directed to, and why there is no single solution but it takes a recipe of different ingredients
  • Why understanding who you are marketing to is critical for better reaching them by tailoring your message to their needs and interests
  • Why it is important to take the time to actually develop the personalization of your content, and why video is a critical and powerful tool
  • How to use video content in a personalized way to speak directly to specific audience demographics
  • Why Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are absolutely required channels to leverage, and why trying out and testing new strategies is key

Additional Resources

Website: www.propellant.media


Justin Croxton

Managing Partner, Propellant Media