A Team of One

Episode 53

EP. 53:

A Team of One

Allison and Scott featuring Kati Hartwig and Callie Goodwin

with Kati Hartwig and Callie Goodwin

Residing and working in Youngstown, Ohio, Kati Hartwig has five years of higher education digital marketing experience as the Coordinator of Social Media and Digital Marketing at Youngstown State University (fun fact: they currently hold the world record for “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Penguins” – yes, it’s a thing). She manages the university’s official social media accounts, oversees a student ambassador program, coordinates content with departments and colleges, and helps write copy for the institution’s website. She was born and raised in Youngstown, and is a proud, two-time alum from YSU — it’s no wonder her favorite animal is the penguin. When she isn’t spending her days online, Kati loves to take copious amounts of photos of her dog, Sheba, visit with friends at one of the great wineries in northeast Ohio, bake with her mom, and cheer on her favorite sports teams (Go Steelers!). You can find her random thoughts on Twitter at @KatiHartwig.

Callie Goodwin is the social media strategist for Columbia College, a small, private college in South Carolina. She manages social media, photography, video, and graphic design for her institution. Callie is a two-time alumna of Columbia College and is also a certified Social Media Strategist by the National Institute for Social Media. She is also the founder of Sparks of Joy Co, a card company focusing on spreading more joy in the world through writing cards. Callie can be found tweeting about her cats (Fish and Chips), iced coffee, and all things higher ed social at @calliegoodwin.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What inspired Callie to work in higher ed, and how her career journey began as a preschool teacher before changing career paths and finding her love of higher ed marketing
  • How Kati worked in the nonprofit world as a fundraiser before being contacted by a former professor about a marketing position for graduate students
  • How written lists help Callie focus without feeling overwhelmed, and how Kati tracks her efforts with a spreadsheet to record what’s working and what isn’t
  • What strategic adjustments Callie is making to work through the global pandemic and its challenges, and how Kati is preparing for a post-pandemic reality
  • How Kati and Callie dealt with the challenge of crisis messaging as the pandemic began to take hold, and how unity and community were critical during that time
  • How the Higher Ed Social Media Facebook group and other communities have been integral support networks for both Callie and Kati during these challenges
  • Why a higher ed institution’s social media strategist knows the audience better than anyone and should be a key part of the emergency messaging discussion
  • How Callie and Kati handle the pressure and anxiety of audience criticism, negative social media feedback and personal attacks
  • Why it is important to accept that things are challenging right now and to find time for self-care and an opportunity to take a step back and de-stress
  • Why it is important to recognize your limits as a team of one, and why confidence and speaking up is key


Kati Hartwig and Callie Goodwin

Coordinator, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Youngstown State University and Social Media Strategist, Columbia College