The Power of Cross-Team Collaboration

Episode 79

EP. 79:

The Power of Cross-Team Collaboration

Allison featuring Keith Warburg

with Keith Warburg

Before recently leaving his position to pursue other opportunities, Keith Warburg was the Director of Communications for the Florida State University Alumni Association. With more than 10 years of experience in higher ed marketing and communications, he has served as a CMO, graphic designer, and basically every role in between. Keith is focused on building partnerships across campuses through shared problem solving and treating people well.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Keith was a first-generation college student who fell in love with the college experience, and how he transitioned into a career in higher education
  • How Keith’s varied career and skillset have served him in his role as the FSU Alumni Association’s Director of Communications
  • How Keith has worked to improve their video marketing game and to bring in current students to help drive the work
  • Why collaboration between Admissions and Marketing has created powerful results for Keith, and what advice he has for building a relationship between teams
  • What pivotal aha! moments Keith has experienced through his cross-team collaboration efforts
  • What differences Keith has experienced moving over to the Alumni Association, and how his focus has shifted to different priorities and methods of engagement
  • How Keith works to keep alumni engaged all year long, and how the global pandemic has changed his work
  • How the realities of the global pandemic have created new opportunities to collaborate with other institutions and create new, innovative solutions
  • Why the many challenges of 2020, from the global pandemic to economic recession to student protests and racial unrest, need a strong sense of community and commitment
  • How to address any challenges and obstacles to collaboration you might be facing, and how going outside your campus for partnerships can help



Keith Warburg

Chief Marketing Officer, StageClip