Managing Multiple Projects at the Same Time

Episode 66

EP. 66:

Managing Multiple Projects at the Same Time

Allison featuring Mary Beth Oakey

with Mary Beth Oakey

Mary Beth Oakey brings strategic thinking combined with creative spark to the client team at Up&Up.

Her background is in retail marketing for a national clothing chain where she served as the director of social media and marketing and in the agency space where she served as an account executive on digital and brand strategy projects. Interacting with clients is still one of her favorite things, but these days you’ll find her behind the scenes resourcing the team and keeping projects on time and on budget.

Mary Beth and her husband, John, live in downtown Greenville with their four fur-children, Moose (a German Shepherd, Collie mix), Daisy (a Treeing Walker Coonhound, Husky mix), Roo (a Chocolate Lab, Weimaraner mix) and Ellie (an orange tabby). They can often be found on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, enjoying a local brewery, or working with the animal rescue community.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Mary Beth’s background in retail marketing and in the agency space has offered her a unique perspective she employs in her position at Up&Up
  • How Mary Beth juggles multiple projects and roles, and why compartmentalizing and focusing on one big project at a time is very important
  • What key systems, tools, and resources Mary Beth uses to communicate with the team and keep the work flowing efficiently
  • Why Mary Beth suggests you start your project planning by first laying out major milestones or deliverables for the project, then building out from there
  • Why you should set realistic expectations and allow enough time to go through multiple revisions, and why people often underestimate the time a project will take
  • How to best manage parallel projects in tandem, and why appropriate planning and staffing is critical for success
  • How to deal with budgeting challenges and unexpected expenses, and what points to remember when developing a launch plan
  • Why Mary Beth tries to involve clients and external stakeholders in the process as much as possible to demonstrate steady progress over time
  • What Mary Beth seeks to learn from reviewing the closing of a project and then how she integrates that knowledge into the next project


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