Maximizing the Impact of Viral Content

Episode 72

EP. 72:

Maximizing the Impact of Viral Content

Allison featuring Nicholas Selby

with Nicholas Selby

Nick Selby grew up in Phoenix, AZ and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. He now works and studies as a graduate student studying robotics at MIT.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Nick signed up for an opportunity presented to Georgia Tech sophomores to give a speech to the incoming freshman class, and how the speech went viral online
  • How Nick’s background in highschool debate and speech and hundreds of practice attempts helped him perfect his speech
  • What kind of positive reception Nick received from the Georgia Tech faculty and staff after his speech, and where he got his inspiration
  • What exciting experiences and big things Nick was able to do over the course of his time at Georgia Tech
  • How Nick worked closely with the marketing team at Georgia tech to amplify the reach of his viral speech through various media outlets
  • How the explosive success of Nick’s speech opened the door to new opportunities for him, including getting to participate in YouTube Rewind
  • How the key line from Nick’s speech, “You’re at Georgia Tech, you can do that!” was used by the marketing team
  • Why Nick chose to go to Georgia Tech, and what important qualities at the school influenced his decision
  • What exciting projects Nick is working on today at MIT in the robotics program, and what goals he has set for himself in the future


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Nicholas Selby

Graduate student studying robotics at MIT