Trusting Your Team

Episode 16

EP. 16:

Trusting Your Team

Allison and Scott featuring Rebecca Stapley

with Rebecca Stapley

Rebecca Stapley is a passionately curious marketing and higher education professional with over 8 years of experience in enrollment and content strategy, collaboration and communicating brand values across multiple platforms.

She currently leads social media strategy and manages the Nazareth College social media & blogging team. This group of 13 hand-selected brand ambassadors creates authentic, creative, digital content focused on the student experience to tell the Nazareth College story.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Rebecca Stapley got her start with enrollment and marketing at Nazareth College
  • How Rebecca builds momentum with the student ambassadors and maintaining it despite constant student turnover
  • Why Rebecca puts so much focus on inter-department communication and relationships
  • How Rebecca approaches building and managing a student team in a way that allows both the students and institution to benefit from the relationship
  • How Rebecca and her team find a balance between content that students want to read and content that serves the college’s initiatives
  • Why empathy is a core value of Rebecca’s team, and how they use it to shape their content
  • How Rebecca builds trust in both her team and their audience

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Rebecca Stapley

Assistant Director of Social Media, Nazareth College