Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education

Episode 59

EP. 59:

Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education

Allison and Scott featuring Sara Taylor

with Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor, President and Founder of deepSEE Consulting, has over thirty years of extensive experience in the practice of Diversity and Inclusion serving local, national and global clients. While her areas of specialty are in both Diversity and Leadership Development, Sara has become a thought leader particularly in the field of Cultural Competence. Her bestselling book, Filter Shift: How Effective People SEE the World, is used by numerous individuals and organizations to increase success and create greater effectiveness. Sara holds a Master’s degree in Diversity and Organizational Development and, prior to founding deepSEE, held positions such as Chief Diversity Officer and Leadership and Diversity Specialist.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Sara and her team at deepSEE Consulting define diversity as “differences that make a difference”
  • What unconscious bias is, and how of the millions of pieces of information we take in every second we are only conscious of around 40 of them
  • Why bias isn’t just about negative feelings toward marginalized groups but also includes positive feelings toward dominant groups
  • What the five stages of cultural competence are and how each stage affects our ability to navigate difference
  • How Sara helps people overcome feelings of self-consciousness over their unconscious biases and move forward
  • How diversity can be included in your marketing in an authentic and effective way, and what you should avoid doing
  • Why diversity alone isn’t enough to improve productivity, and why a team’s cultural competence makes a big difference
  • Why developing cultural competence is a process that starts with your own subconscious bias first
  • How to best deal with situations in which people push back against diversity and inclusion work, and why commonality is the key
  • Why equality isn’t the same as equity, and how doing the work can impact all aspects of your institution


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Sara Taylor

President and Founder, deepSEE Consulting