Discussing the Buying Process

Episode 75

EP. 75:

Discussing the Buying Process

Allison featuring Allison Lanier

with Allison Lanier

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the first step isn’t reaching out to agencies for quotes but to truly take the time to understand your higher ed institution’s buying process
  • How the process tends to differ between private and public institutions, and why it’s crucial to build the right internal relationships as early as possible
  • Why the next step is to understand your purchasing rules and limits and the proper channels to go through before you start writing your RFP
  • Why it is important to be flexible and clear with your purchasing power, and why being communicative with all of your partners is key
  • Why understanding your limitations and budgetary constraints early can save you a lot of hassle later in the process
  • Why the earlier you begin the research process the easier and more successful your projects and campaigns will be



Allison Lanier

Business Development Manager