Generational Trends and Future-Facing Strategies

Episode 77

EP. 77:

Generational Trends and Future-Facing Strategies

Allison featuring Allison Lanier

with Allison Lanier

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Allison shares key statistics that have helped shape the Millennial generation, its habits and challenges
  • How Generation Z is exceptionally tech-savvy and financially conservative, and how 2020 has pushed Gen Z into a different path from generations before them
  • Why tuition price, student loan debt, mental health services and diversity and inclusion are key factors Gen Z is using to determine where to pursue their higher education
  • Why “standing out in a sea of sameness” is crucial for connecting with Gen Z, and why you have to support your messaging with action
  • How “Generation Alpha”, born between 2010 and 2024, are set to become the largest generation in the history of the world
  • How Gen Alpha will likely be defined by their adaptability, their need for visual and hands-on education, and their need for leadership skills development
  • What Millennial parents of Gen Alpha will look for in a higher education institution and its program offerings and support systems
  • Why a shift in higher education marketing efforts toward emerging social media and influencer marketing platforms needs to happen sooner rather than later
  • Why you should begin thinking about your institution’s current programs and offerings and how they reflect the needs of future Gen Alpha students



Allison Lanier

Business Development Manager