Getting to Know Allison

Episode 71

EP. 71:

Getting to Know Allison

Allison featuring Allison Lanier

with Allison Lanier and guest host Chris Huebner

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Allison transitioned from a corporate background into her current role as Business Development Manager at Up&Up
  • How Allison has integrated her own experiences in higher education into her work at Up&Up, and what similarities and differences she has seen from her previous career
  • How 2020 impacted the world of higher education, and how the lessons learned during the difficult year have created positive changes
  • Why Allison suggests that any institution wanting to begin a new marketing project start with their brand first
  • What advice Allison would give to a higher ed institution considering working with a marketing agency for the first time
  • Why it is important to understand how you want to get a project done and then tailor your decision based on those needs and the results you want
  • How Allison had originally planned to become a nurse before discovering her passion for sales and helping others
  • Why Allison hasn’t set firm new year’s goals and instead works toward goals all year long, and why she has chosen “grace” as her word for the year



Allison Lanier

Business Development Manager, Up&Up