Proactive Marketing Using Social Listening

Episode 14

EP. 14:

Proactive Marketing Using Social Listening

Allison featuring Steve App

with Steve App

Steve is Campus Sonar’s Account Executive. A natural marketer and relationship builder, Steve has spent more than ten years in higher education, both on campus and in agency environments. In the past five years, Steve successfully launched a student-blogging platform, an agency podcast, and a higher education online magazine, all with a mission to bring people together through content. At Campus Sonar, Steve leads the business development efforts, working with campus professionals to identify appropriate social listening programs that will help meet strategic institutional goals. An amateur runner and professional donut connoisseur, you can often find him on Twitter staunchly defending the Oxford comma.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How social listening affects student outcomes and general well-being
  • How Steve App got his start in higher education
  • How Campus Sonar uses a proactive social listening strategy
  • What role AI and machine learning plays in social listening
  • How to build out a social listening strategy based on your goals
  • What macro and microelements exist for implementing social listening
  • How Steve divides the data and shares it with different people in the administration
  • What standard tools to use for social listening research and analysis

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Steve App

Account Executive, Campus Sonar