The 7-Steps to Successful Branding

Episode 49

EP. 49:

The 7-Steps to Successful Branding

Allison and Scott featuring Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

with Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to download Allison and Scott’s FREE webinar series, and what exciting topics they are covering within the series
  • How the first of the 7-steps to successful branding is the insights or discovery step where you will collect data and ask meaningful questions
  • How the second step is to strategize how to craft your messaging around attracting and retaining the right students, grow your engagement and strengthen your brand
  • How step three involves creating a strategy roadmap and concepts, prototype your messaging and lay the foundation for your campaigns
  • How the fourth step, production, is the key to creating consistency around your brand across all of your marketing efforts
  • How the fifth step is the equip phase, where you give your team the training, tools and activation guidelines to own and live your brand
  • How the sixth step is when you activate your marketing campaigns across traditional media, social media, SEO and other channels
  • How the seventh and final step is to measure all your efforts and extract data to inform your future decisions and strategy


Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

Business Development Manager and Director of Business Development, Up&Up