Allison Lanier

Business Development Manager

Allison’s curiosity for the sales process began as a teenager while working in the retail environment. Years later, she graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina, Aiken Campus and quickly realized her excitement for sales had developed into a true passion.

As a Sales Executive for Up&Up, Allison brings her experience in sales leadership from past employers such as Verizon Wireless and PepsiCo. At Up&Up, she uses her passion for people to create positive, effective, and rewarding client onboarding experiences.

Allison is our resident mud lover and spends most of her free time at obstacle course races with her husband, David. They also enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, geocaching, and Pokemon hunting.

Q&A with Allison Lanier

What is the favorite part of your job and the impact you make?

I absolutely love creating long term relationships with our clients. More so, I love the work that our clients do to help shape the future for students. Knowing the impact that my education had for me makes me happy knowing that we are helping students find their right fit!

If you could do anything in this world, what would it be?

I have an innate passion for helping people. I would love to travel and speak to female youth. I want to encourage them to stand tall in the face of adversity. I wish that I had a strong female mentor when I was growing up that could teach me how to be confident, feel empowered, and to be an even tougher cookie than I am today. I would love to serve as that mentor for other women.

What’s your personal superpower?

My personal superpower is my ability to see the positive in some otherwise awful situations. 2018/2019 was a tough year for me personally with the loss of a pet and my mother having a stroke and breast cancer all at once. Being able to recognize that those were just bumps in the road helped me keep moving forward. Life is going to knock you down. Staying down is easy, but getting back up takes courage.

What’s your favorite hobby?

I have a few. My husband and I love being outside whether it be running, biking, camping, etc. We also love going on walks in the park while playing Pokemon Go (yes, we are those people). I am also excited to see how these will change soon as we are expecting our first child.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

It may seem cliche, but being told that “the things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.” If something inside is screaming at you to do it… you have to listen to your gut and do it! So what if you fail? At least you tried.


Allison Lanier


University of South Carolina, Aiken Campus


Bluffton, SC

My Favorite Artist

Sia–I have “I am Titanium” tattooed on my ankle

My Karaoke song

Unstoppable – Sia

My Secret Talent

My Sia impersonation