Bailey Boese

Project Manager/UX Designer

Originally from Michigan, but most recently from Colorado, Bailey started her college career in engineering. Looking for more creative balance, she made the change to advertising and fell in love with the balance of problem solving and creative freedom.

She started her agency experience as an intern with Up&Up, and after graduating from the University of Colorado, she quickly made her way back to Greenville and became a full-time designer. She’s worked on projects for clients including Marian University, University of Kentucky, Wake Forest, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Clemson University, among others.

Outside work, Bailey enjoys spending time outdoors, being with her dogs, volunteering with the Red Shoe Society, discovering new (and old) movies, and watching Wheel of Fortune (she’s definitely a “Wheel Watcher”.)


Bailey Boese

First Job

Personal assistant for my older siblings

Game Show I'd Go On

Survivor…I’ve done a lot of “studying” over quarantine

Favorite thing at Up&Up

The subtle pranks…it’s been 8 months and they still haven’t noticed