Nathan Williams

Full Stack Developer

At an early age, Nathan realized how important web applications were in today's world. At Up&Up, he’s able to translate that passion into developing compelling web experiences for our clients.

Nathan’s interest in computers and programming began in his early teens. As a roundabout way of convincing his parents to let him spend more time on the computer, he decided to learn how to program. Nathan then went on to take programming classes in high school and ultimately study computer science at Clemson.

During his time at Clemson, Nathan grew an interest in web development and began to study the art of Full Stack Web Development. Before joining the team at Up&Up, he honed his skills as a Full Stack Developer at a small business in his hometown, where he developed web applications for education, athletic recruitment and parking enforcement clients. 

Nathan has a love for PC gaming and computer technology. When he is not on his computer, Nathan enjoys building his sneaker collection, trying his best to catch Largemouth Bass, and tinkering with his remote controlled cars.

Q&A with Nathan Williams

What is the favorite part of your job and the impact you make? 

My favorite part of my job is helping find technical solutions to real-world problems. As a Software Developer, there are so many ways to solve problems with code. Pinpointing what an individual or organization needs to succeed, implementing the solution, then hearing them say, “this really makes my life easier”, is a great feeling.

What’s your favorite hobby? 

My favorite hobby is playing video games. Gaming has given me nostalgic childhood memories, great communities that I’ve been a part of, memorable challenges that I’ve had to overcome, and a place of comfort that I can always rely on.

How did you decide to get into your current work role? 

I discovered Web Development after my first year at Clemson University. I had always known that the internet is an invaluable tool, but it wasn’t until then that I had realized how important web applications were in today’s world. Being able to write software that is accessible from any device, any operating system, and any location is something that I think is amazing.


Nathan Williams


Clemson University


Irmo, SC

First Job

Electronics Repair Technician

Favorite Band

The Grateful Dead

Game show I'd go on

Deal or No Deal