Shely Landrum

Special Projects

Providing sixth-woman-like support for the Up&Up team, Manager of Special Projects Shely Landrum ensures that anything that falls outside of our normal scope of work has a gameplan.

Shely brings a diverse range of previous work experience to her role at Up&Up. She was a biological researcher for Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company, and taught 5-8th grade math and science before returning to the home to raise four terrific teens.

At Up&Up, Shely manages the flow of office projects, supports agency operations–and she throws one heck of a Christmas party.

Outside of work you’ll most likely find her on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, taking on a home improvement project or brunching around the Upstate with her family.

Q&A with Shely Landrum

What’s your favorite thing about yourself? 

I have a lot of energy so I can work really hard at something for a very long time.  But watch out when I hit my wall! I crash quickly and need a glass of wine and something good to eat.

What’s your personal superpower?

I love to  conquer a really big challenge that I set for myself in a short amount of time.  Usually it involves a project while family members are out of town…like painting a few rooms, a huge sewing project or redoing something in the yard.

What do you want others to remember you for? 

I would like others to say that I make them feel special and important when I talk with them.  I also want to be remembered for being kind and thoughtful to anyone I come in contact with in life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Raise your kids so you enjoy being around them.


Shely Landrum


Clemson University


Summerville, SC

Favorite Office Tradition

Christmas Party

Bucket List:

Biking in the Netherlands

Favorite thing at Up&Up

Adam Landrum – I think he’s pretty wonderful