Up&Up welcomes Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to the client family

January 2, 2020

Up&Up welcomes Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to the client family

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Up&Up welcomes Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity to the client family

For more than 110 years, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has helped college men become ethical and service-minded leaders.

The national fraternity has partnered with Up&Up to define their brand strategy and share that story with future and current brothers. While Up&Up most commonly works with colleges and universities, the Lambda Chi Alpha relationship keeps us on the mission of improving the lives of even more students.

“We are excited for the expertise in higher education marketing that Up&Up brings to this partnership,” said Troy Medley, Lambda Chi Alpha Chief Executive Officer. “By utilizing strong research and data, they have successfully shown that they can determine the wants and needs of Gen-Z. Through this partnership, we will be able to utilize data to predictively increase our reach, identify ideal future brothers, and help more men become the best versions of themselves.”

Since Lambda Chi’s start in 1909, the fraternity has initiated more than 295,000 members. They have 195 active chapters/colonies and 9,600 undergraduate men, making the organization one of the largest social fraternities in North America. Lambda Chi is best known for their 1972 decision to become the first fraternity to eliminate pledging in an effort to reduce hazing and drive the service side of brotherhood. Their Wildly Important Goal (WIG) is to double their active members and chapters within the next 10 years and recruit more volunteers to assist and mentor existing chapters.

Besides creating lifelong networking, skill-building, and mentorship, Lambda Chi also supports Feeding America and the JED Foundation through member volunteers, events, and initiatives.

“For young men, college years are the formative years where you establish your true self and plant long-lasting relationships,” said Jami Mullikin, Up&Up Vice President of Strategy. “Many of my closest friends today are fraternity brothers that I met the first week of college almost 30 years ago. The bonds of brotherhood are there as you mature, begin your professional career, and start your families… and they stay through the good times and the bad. Having the opportunity to strategically align with Lambda with the sole purpose of finding and growing tomorrow’s leaders by making these young men the best versions of themselves is a perfect match for us at Up&Up.”

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