Up&Up has the unique ability to strategically gather a vast amount of information and then magically distill it down to the essence of who we are as an institution.

Suzanne Pritchard
Suzanne Pritchard Former Marketing Director

Partnering with Up&Up brought new life back into our campus. Our new campaign helped align the university as a whole with new brand pillars and a sense of pride in where our university came from.

Kacie Eurek
Kacie Eurek Director for University Marketing

Up&Up understands the assignment, and they embrace it. They were accessible at all times, open to criticism and feedback, partners in the work, and did not shy away from being bold even if me or others on this side of the project got cold feet.

Billy Fairs
Billy Fairs Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

Up&Up did a very good job of taking a large and unruly website and streamlining the content for a much improved and more focused customer experience. The work helped focus and extend our brand.

Richard McDevitt
Richard McDevitt Vice President for Marketing