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Becoming THE Baptist University of Florida 

The Baptist University of Florida (BUF) faced a lot of change over the last few years. Between new leadership, expanding locations, and transitioning from a college to a university, the institution realized an opportunity to align its brand with its bright new direction.  

The marketing team reached out to Up&Up, a GMB Brand, to assist the school with creating a refreshed brand and cohesive messaging strategy that reflects what the Baptist University of Florida is now and what it aspires to be.

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Messaging Strategy 

The Goal:

Position BUF as THE Baptist University of Florida by…

  • Breaking down barriers of what it means to go to a Christian College, setting the expectation that it offers more options than a pathway to the seminary  
  • Establishing a distinct brand identity that reflects the Baptist University of Florida’s mission to spread God’s Word through education and supporting students in pursuing their highest purpose 
  • Emphasizing how the Baptist University of Florida is a right fit for students who are looking to evangelize in everything they do


Remaining true to The Baptist University of Florida’s history and Biblical foundation while simultaneously battling the false perception that it only accepts Baptist students who are looking for a stepping stone to seminary life


Christian homeschooling has skyrocketed since the pandemic due to its perceived safety and higher academic standards. Parents and students are now searching for higher education alternatives like the Baptist University of Florida that integrate academic and social activities in settings that prioritize both moral and spiritual advancement. By embracing the University’s religious background, we could connect deeply with an audience seeking an experience exactly like the one the Baptist University of Florida provides.

Proudly Owning the Biblical Brand 

Choosing the Baptist University of Florida is a calling for students, faculty, and staff alike. With a flag firmly planted in the University’s Biblical foundation, we aimed to highlight the spiritual strength, vulnerability, and maturity it takes to say “yes” to living a life dedicated to the Lord and expanding God’s kingdom through one’s personal mission.

/ Brand Insights

For Those Seeking a Higher Purpose

Nearly every person we spoke with stated they were called to the Baptist University of Florida. It became clear that the University was more than a choice for its students, faculty, and staff; it was a spiritual decision to serve God and be mission-minded in everything they did. They were being called to a higher purpose, and the Baptist University of Florida was their pathway to achieve it.

/ Brand Platform

A Place for Faithful Servants

Students choose the Baptist University of Florida to earn a valuable education rooted in faith that equips them to serve God no matter where they go. This was the foundation of the brand pillars and platform, which we created, honed, and simplified to meet the University’s new president’s style of writing and preaching.


/ Campaign Concepts

Reflecting the Spiritual Experience

For the brand campaign concepts, we created a visual narrative that supported the University’s messaging strategy and reflected the expected experience for prospective students. Our campaign tapped into that defining moment when students knew this was the direction their life was heading. 

/ Campaign Creative

A Memorabilia Approach

We wanted to reflect something youthful, hopeful, and playful while making it known how much of an impact this experience could have on someone’s life. Our visual approach reflected vision boards and collages that students may put together to map out what our target audience’s lives could look like at the Baptist University of Florida. We also drew color inspiration from the current and expanding campus locations (Graceville, Miami, and Clearwater, Florida) to create a more personalized feel unique to the University. 

Owning Who You Are = A Fulfilling Brand 

As the Baptist University of Florida proved, leaning into your brand values gives your institution a competitive and creative advantage; and it definitely served BUF well. The University was incredibly happy with its refreshed brand strategy and platform, and its marketing team immediately started incorporating messaging and creative elements into its marketing materials.


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