Divisible Content for Higher Ed Marketing

September 20, 2017

Divisible Content for Higher Ed Marketing

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Divisible Content for Higher Ed Marketing

There’s no shortage of stories, videos, marketing collateral, events, and press releases coming out of your college or university. In some ways, that makes your content strategy easier…but not always more effective.

Sometimes the noise fills prominent spaces on your homepage or winds up on Facebook just because it’s available (we’ve all been there) while really impactful and important stories come and go. What if we could build longevity into impactful content without having to continually reach for new content to create?

We like to call it “divisible content.” Take a great story and make it a five-part series. Take a 60 second video and make it ten 6-second videos. Take a student profile made for digital and build a template for print. And vice versa. You are probably already doing this innately, but I’d suggest you make it a priority. We’ve added divisible content into the mix recently. Here are the clarifying questions from the content strategy framework we use to work with our higher education clients.

  • Is it compelling?
  • Is it representative of our brand?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it beautiful?
  • Is it funny?
  • Will our audience be proud?
  • Is it divisible?

Will you answer yes to every question for every piece of content? No. And that shouldn’t be your goal. This should serve as a quick check on whether your higher ed content is on strategy or not. It’s a simple way to be far more effective and efficient with what you produce.

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