Digital and Enrollment Marketing: Are they really THAT intertwined?

May 2, 2024

Digital and Enrollment Marketing: Are they really THAT intertwined?

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Digital and Enrollment Marketing: Are they really THAT intertwined?

As the world becomes more digital, the relationship between enrollment marketing and digital marketing is almost entirely intertwined.

There is no denying that prospective students receive a majority of their college information from digital spaces. Whether they’re scrolling on social media or using a search engine, such as Google, individuals considering a college degree are likely to be influenced by digital marketing efforts. Therefore, the connection between digital marketing and enrollment marketing work is undeniable. 

Though the two types of marketing are often controlled by different offices on campus and paid for through different budgets, the interconnectedness should still be acknowledged so the two can work together and not against each other. 

Synergy > Silos

Digital marketing on college campuses are often concerned with expanding brand awareness. Enrollment offices are typically interested in sharing program- or institution-specific information to grab the attention of prospective students and their families. 

Instead of viewing these two goals as separate, creating an environment of synergy and collaboration will ultimately produce impressive results for both offices. 

There are several benefits to fighting against the silos that are often naturally created: 

  • Creating a Cohesive Brand Experience: Working closely across institutional marketing entities encourages the overarching use of a consistent tone and voice. Consistency between the look and feel of a digital ad and the enrollment campaign a student will later receive provides a seamless experience for prospective students. 
  • Optimizing Shared Data: Working together also means sharing data, which leads to channel optimization and appropriately spending the established media budget. 
  • Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness: A synergetic marketing strategy avoids the possibility of doubling up on efforts or working against each other.

All Marketing = Enrollment Marketing

While there is often a differentiation made between brand awareness and enrollment marketing work, in the end, all institutional marketing should have an enrollment bend. This means all marketing assets, placement, and media spend should have enrollment goals in mind. 

Though digital marketing goals may be more related to brand awareness, prospective students and family members of prospective students are guaranteed to see the ads. Ensuring that all marketing content includes useful, compelling information for prospective students and their families will increase brand awareness and enrollment metrics.

Simple Steps Towards Collaboration

For some, creating this collaboration feels impossible. However, there are a few simple steps that will quickly start the process: 

  1. Schedule regular meetings between departments.
    As basic as it sounds, reach out to your counterpart to schedule a regular meeting cadence, opening the lines of communication and creating a unified force. 
  1. Audit all current marketing assets.
    It would also be beneficial to complete an audit of all marketing assets, the goals of said assets, and their success. Once audited, the necessary changes to the work become more obvious. 
  1. Create a digital marketing and enrollment calendar.

Further into the process, a cohesive content calendar between both digital marketing efforts and enrollment offices should be developed to ensure that the many channels and types of communication are covered.

At Up&Up, a GMB brand, we encourage this collaboration by ensuring the correct people are at the decision-making table. Bringing both digital and enrollment marketing experts together will provide an opportunity to create cohesive campaigns, work seamlessly towards the same goal, and increase both brand awareness and enrollment numbers. 

Contact us to start the collaboration process today.