We help schools connect with students and create environments where learners can thrive. 

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Creating Impactful Learning Environments

Up&Up, a GMB Brand, focuses on creating tailored approaches to benefit educational institutions across the country. From finding the right-fit students to boosting enrollment and creating learning spaces that benefit learners, our company provides the feel of a boutique agency backed with expertise of a 55 year-old-company and 190 education-focused teammates whose services include:

Educational Planning


We’re a higher education marketing agency that believes in the power of brands and strategy. We’re driven by purpose and love a challenge. We push. We question. We listen. And we don’t stop until we get to the heart of what makes your brand great.

Our purpose is simple: To uplift education that uplifts people. We help higher ed institutions uncover and rediscover who they are at their core and evolve their brand into its highest version, attracting more right-fit students and driving enrollment.

We’re committed to our clients. Their stories. Their legacies. Their purpose. And we work with their teams to push their brands further with messaging and strategy that resonates with their audience to get them where they want to be.

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Our Team of Teams Approach

We work with courageous educators to create environments that impact students. However, it’s how we come together that makes our company so unique. We call our model “Team of Teams”.

Team of Teams is the way we structure our organization. We’ve ditched the traditional bureaucracy and chains of command so we can empower power and easily adapt to resolve issues for our clients in more agile ways.

Our Team of Teams model is driven by our people-first philosophy, which places people over profit in every decision we make. Through daily conversation with remote workers, learning hubs across the country striving to make every teammate feel fully supported in their personal and professional growth.

Daily Pods

Every morning, a group of GMB teammates connect remotely to chat about their day, their work, and their lives. More than just typical water cooler chat, pods help us build trust, create empathy, and start our mornings with a little fun.

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Employee Ownership

GMB is 100% employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). It’s an ownership structure that flows as a direct extension of our culture in pursuing excellence toward a common goal.

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Flexible Roles vs. Fixed Titles

Because each person brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to our teams, we don’t adhere to rigid titles and job descriptions. Instead, we allow our teammates to build their own path to fulfill a role that best fits their talents and areas of expertise.