The Positive Power of Culture

March 14, 2016

The Positive Power of Culture

The Positive Power of Culture

One of the most powerful marketing messages you could ask for might be right in front of you. And it could change the game. It’s your culture.

During our work with Dixon Hughes Goodman, a common theme about their culture emerged during our interview and research process. We learned that DHG puts great care into making sure their employees have a “life beyond numbers” and growing them professionally, and that message became the core of their recruiting messaging, as well as internal communication. They found the core of their corporate culture.

What is the potential of finding your culture’s heart and sharing it in your marketing?

Showing the real “you”

Finding and highlighting the core of your culture helps tell your true story. Your average “About” or “Who We Are” page may be filled with words, but when you talk to your people and discover common themes about your culture, the heart of your culture can shine through.

Myth busting

Many businesses have false negative perceptions floating around them that are extremely difficult to dispel. “Perception is reality,” while false as a blanket statement, is unfortunately true for many companies. DHG works hard to combat the negative stereotype of accountants as spreadsheet-obsessed number nerds with no life outside the office by showing the many ways their employees experience “life beyond numbers.”

Finding and keeping the right people

An accurately portrayed culture can become your #1 recruitment tool. When a prospective employee sees the true heart of your company, they’ll be more ready to say, “I want to work there!”

And by reminding your current employees of the top-notch culture they’re a part of, you could positively impact retention and employee engagement.

Attracting the right customers

All this adds up to one key point: when a potential customer is looking for a partner, they want to partner with someone they enjoying working with, and they know will be a trustworthy and reliable partner. Show them your heart, and that’ll speak much louder than run-of-the-mill marketing buzzwords.  

So sit down and talk to your people about what brought them to your company, and you might just find a game-changing message about the heart of your culture.

Tell us what you think

Have you found the heart of your culture? Did it surprise you? What’s your experience with telling the story of your culture? Share your experience in the comments.

You have a great culture, but you’re not sure how to share it. We can help!