Your AMA Higher Ed To-Do List

November 30, 2016

Your AMA Higher Ed To-Do List

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Your AMA Higher Ed To-Do List

First item on the list: Google “how long is the line for the new Frozen ride at Epcot?” (hint: it’s like 5 hours with a Fastpass).

Second item: Google “are alligators pretty much everywhere in Florida?”

Both wise queries, if you ask us. But next on your AMA Higher Ed to-do list should be this: come see us at Booth 83! We’ll be hanging out with 1,000+ of our closest friends in higher ed marketing. We’d love to meet you, and we have swag that won’t give itself away. Exhibits A-D:


Up&Up’s starting lineup for AMA Higher Ed 2016 is:

Matt McFadden, Director of Marketing & Strategy

Jeremiah Barba, Digital Marketing Manager

Beth Blume, Director of Client Services

Brandee Ellis, Senior Account Executive

Hope to see you there!