How Conscious Leadership Helped Shape Up&Up

January 14, 2019

How Conscious Leadership Helped Shape Up&Up

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How Conscious Leadership Helped Shape Up&Up

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! It’s not just the number one rule (and most cliché statement) for real estate. The term “location” is used to describe a particular place or position and when it comes to conscious leadership—location is key.

In order to understand what conscious leadership is, we first need to explore what it isn’t. Imagine your drive to work on Monday morning. Thirty minutes goes by and before you know it, you’ve pulled into your parking spot at the office and think back to your trip wondering how the heck you got to this point. This “day-dreamers” mindset is more common than you may think. Unconsciously, we are going through the motions of life with a lack of responsiveness to people and other environmental stimuli.

Now imagine the same drive to work where you spend the time reflecting on the appreciation that you have for the present moment. You sing along to the song on the radio and recognize how wonderful it is that you were able to enjoy another morning, you have a great job to drive to, and you choose to be present. You arrive in your parking spot with a free and clear mindset ready to conquer the day ahead.

Being conscious of what is here now and responding to the moment creates a mindset where you are able to lead and serve others, your organization, your world, and yourself. Conscious leadership, when applied to your life and organization, is not something that can just be dabbled in. It is a vision that must be ingrained in the organization and also be a core value of the individual.

A Conscious Culture

Let’s do a quick gut check to see how conscious you are. Are you open, curious, committed to learning? Or, are you closed, defensive, and committed to being right? This is where location comes to play. If you are open, curious, and committed to learning—GREAT! That means you are above the line. If you are closed, defensive, committed to being right—OWN IT! This means you are below the line, but this isn’t a bad thing. You just have to ask yourself if you are willing to recognize this state of mind and are you willing to own it 100 percent.

Above the line is where creativity, innovation, and collaboration occur and are key components to sustaining happiness. Creating this type of environment also leads to higher levels of engagement in your career and personal life—it’s a win for all.

At Up&Up, we practice the 15 commitments of conscious leadership. These commitments are our guideline for how we treat each other and conduct business.

15 Commitments

  1. Taking Radical Responsibility
  2. Learning Through Curiosity
  3. Feeling all Feelings
  4. Speaking Candidly
  5. Eliminating Gossip
  6. Practicing Integrity
  7. Generating Appreciation
  8. Excelling in Your Zone of Genius
  9. Living a Life of Play and Rest
  10. Exploring the Opposite
  11. Sourcing Approval, Control, and Security
  12. Having Enough of Everything
  13. Experiencing the World as an Ally
  14. Creating Win for all Solutions
  15. Being the Resolution

Now, let me answer the question, “what does all of this mean to me—the employee?” I did not show up on my first day of work with Up&Up having to learn an entirely new way of thinking. I already had conscious values, I just didn’t have a label for it.

What do you mean we take radical responsibility for our actions, don’t participate in gossip, feel our authentic feelings without holding back, and are urged to be candid with our leadership and peers? It means we have cut out the negativity that can weigh an organization down and we focus on working together as one unit with purpose. It also means that I am continuously challenged to be my best version both professionally and personally.

For our clients, our conscious culture allows us to focus our energy on helping create the best version of their college or university. We help shape the journey for our clients who are changing the future of higher education. We do so through three pillars which are: we stand for being tenacious, we live as resolutionists, and we serve the greater good. Our brand platforms, marketing campaigns, and digital experiences provide clarity to institutions and stakeholders and help bring our values to life. Everything we do is purposeful and intentional which is shown in the results we help our clients achieve. Don’t just take my word for it, check out our work for yourself!

Whether you are above or below the line, the key is to know your location at all times. Acknowledge where you are, allow yourself to be there, accept yourself for where you are, and appreciate yourself for being just where you are. Once you have shown yourself the appreciation you deserve, ask yourself if you are open, curious, and committed to learning. If not, are you willing to change?

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