Meet Our Summer 2018 Interns

June 25, 2018

Meet Our Summer 2018 Interns

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Meet Our Summer 2018 Interns

We’re excited to welcome our new interns to the Up&Up team!

At Up&Up, we aim to positively impact the lives of others and help them become the best version of themselves. In light of this goal, our 8-week paid internship program challenges, strengthens, and prepares interns for their future careers.

Kara, Desiree, Austin, and Daniel make up the summer intern team this year. They are looking forward to tackling challenges, applying what they’ve learned in class to the real world, and getting the most out of their internship.

During their time here, the interns will assist the team in graphic design, creative writing, business operations, account management, and sales. Since the best teacher in life is experience, our interns will work hands-on to hone their skills and knowledge in these departments.

Get to know a little more about our interns:

Kara Fulks, Graphic Design Intern 


I am a senior at Samford University where I study graphic design. I spent a lot of my childhood moving all over the east coast, but I consider Greenville home. I was drawn to Up&Up because of my passion for branding and the unique challenge of working with universities. I’m looking forward to gaining even more experience interning in a creative business environment and learning all that I can from my coworkers.

Fun Facts:

  • I moved 11 times before the age of 20.
  • I have a dog named Lily, and I swear she thinks she’s a cat.
  • I have a bunch of freckles, and when I was little, I would often try to connect the dots to make a picture.

Desiree Belsom, Writing Intern 


I’m a rising senior at College of Charleston studying communication and marketing. I’m from the Greenville area, and I love how there is always something going on downtown. I’m looking forward to helping our clients thrive with creative, out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Up&Up has an engaging company atmosphere and a talented team who I can learn a lot from. I’m excited for the opportunity to strengthen my writing skills and work on marketing campaigns here as an intern.

Fun Facts:

  • In my free time I enjoy traveling, shopping, yoga, going to the beach, working out, playing tennis, and reading.
  • Up&Up is my third internship.

Austin Lancaster, Operations Intern  

Although I’ve lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for my entire life, I ventured south to attend Furman University where I study accounting. Up&Up was by far the most intriguing internship I applied for. Most of the accounting internships involve cubicles and loving Excel. While I will still use Excel here at Up&Up, the open atmosphere and casual yet focused environment are very appealing. I look forward to learning business skills and making friends here at the agency.

Fun Facts:

  • I love sports whether it’s following, watching, or playing them! Golf is certainly a passion of mine, but I won’t be afraid to use some of the Drive season tickets either.
  • I played the violin from 5th-12th grade, but that was left in the past.

Daniel Alvarez, Account Management & Sales Intern

I am a Junior Marketing major and Sociology minor at Clemson University. As an intern, I would love to make connections, become adjusted to the office/work environment, and learn how to be successful in such an environment. I hope I can get those things through this internship and I look forward to bettering myself with the help of the other interns and my coworkers.

Fun Facts:

  • While I was visiting Peru, I ate Guinea Pig (they call it “Cuy”), a cultural norm. The heart looks like a kidney bean (doesn’t taste as good) and the meat itself tastes like chicken. Nothing too special, sadly.
  • I am of Honduran/Peruvian descent.
  • I can drive a manual transmission (even without the clutch). A lost art.

Interested in joining the team? Browse our job openings or stay tuned for upcoming internship opportunities.