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5 Best Quotes On Differentiation From CASE Marketing & Branding Conference

June 17, 2016

5 Best Quotes On Differentiation From CASE Marketing & Branding Conference

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5 Best Quotes On Differentiation From CASE Marketing & Branding Conference

We had an awesome time attending & exhibiting at the CASE Annual Conference on Marketing & Branding in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. It was great to connect with colleagues and hear what issues higher ed marketers are thinking about and working through.

Differentiation is definitely a hot topic, as higher ed marketers are asking themselves, “can we really set ourselves apart?” With so many schools offering similar experiences, what’s more important—a unique brand or the brand experience itself? We shared our perspective a few weeks ago, but we wanted to know what you thought. Here are the 5 best quotes on differentiation we heard from a survey we sent to attendees of the CASE Marketing & Branding conference.

We asked: “Do you think it’s possible for a school to truly differentiate its brand?”

“Yes, but it can’t start with marketing. It has to start strategically at admin level to make some claims about what the institution will be known for and not be everything to everyone.”

“What’s the biggest challenge you face in trying to differentiate from the competition?”

“Fear. Colleges and universities fear they will miss the mark (in recruiting) if they deviate from what they think is expected of them. Everyone wants to be unique but most lose their nerve when faced with implementing change.”

“Finding the differentiator, and convincing administration that highlighting that point is key to marketing.”

“What do you think is the most important factor in setting your school apart?”

“Reputation of the faculties / courses of study. You have to be able to promote the best learning experiences.”

And finally, this insightful comment:

“Differentiation takes commitment and hard work. Can’t just say it—need to live it, think about it, sweat over it, force it to happen if it’s that important.”  

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