Think Beyond the Curriculum

August 23, 2016

Think Beyond the Curriculum

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Think Beyond the Curriculum

When a prospective student looks at your website, do you think they really want to dig through pages of curriculum details?

Curriculum is obviously important for universities to highlight…it’s what they do. For some students, top-notch curriculum is a huge draw. But is that really what most students are looking for? Let’s talk about going beyond the curriculum in your degree & program content.

ROI – Is it worth it?

One of the biggest questions in high school student’s minds is: “Is college worth the debt?’

They’re also wondering, “what degree can help me earn the biggest salary?”

Why shouldn’t your higher ed marketing provide potential students with the information they are actually looking for?

Student experience – more than just classes

Today’s teenagers are constantly connected, and they know there’s more to college than just going to class. So let’s show them what your campus life is like! I’m sure you have a “student life” section already, but there’s a greater opportunity at the program and degree level.

When a student is closer to making a final decision, showcasing a generic student experience isn’t as compelling. Showing them specific “day-to-day” content for your program could make their choice clear.

What about after graduation?

Are graduates ready for the real world? Maybe, maybe not. I lean more on the side of “maybe” 🙂 The majority of students want to know what their post-grad outlook looks like. What kind of job placement help is available? Should I go right out into the workforce or is graduate school better for me? Why should I go to grad school? These are just some of the questions students are asking, so let’s help them out.

Providing clear post-grad options and paths could be a huge draw for potential students. If they see that you have a track record for good graduation rates, job placement help, graduate school potential, etc. they will be more likely to consider your program over the others they were looking at.

It’s time to stand out!

You shouldn’t neglect talking about curriculum & academics. But why not stand out? You could find out what your target audience is looking for and give them what they want. In this case, it’s time to rise above the masses, and see what a difference it will make!

Tell Us What You Think

How are you going “beyond the curriculum” in your higher ed marketing, and what impact have you seen? What do you think is most important to highlight for prospective students?