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American Battlefield Trust

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American Battlefield Trust is a long-standing charitable organization dedicated to the preservation of historic battlefields. With a mission to conserve these sites and educate the public about their significance, American Battlefield Trust approached Up&Up to enhance its outreach efforts among K-12 educators and the students they teach by promoting three of the organization’s key initiatives:

  • Field Trip Fund Grant Program: Grants for educators to facilitate field trips or offset costs for out-of-classroom experiences
  • National Teacher Institute: A professional development opportunity for educators to network and enhance their teaching skills
  • Additional Educational Resources: Lesson plans, content, and interactive materials focused on the Revolutionary War and Civil War

Service Offering:

Digital Strategy
Brand Strategy
Messaging Strategy
Campaign Creation


Increase awareness of American Battlefield Trust among its student audience (18 years old and under) and those educating them (primarily K-12 history teachers) by…

  • Positioning American Battlefield Trust as a valuable asset  in becoming a steward of history
  • Raising awareness of the educational programs and resources provided to history teachers and students
  • Building an emotional connection between history, those who teach it, and those who live it


The primary audiences (K-12 educators and their students) lacked awareness of the extensive resources available to them through American Battlefield Trust or how to effectively implement those resources in their classrooms or lesson plans.


American Battlefield Trust had the opportunity to connect with its audiences on a level deeper than the extensive resources it offers. Given the relevance of understanding history in a divided world, American Battlefield Trust’s work gained new meaning and importance for educators, students, and our culture as a whole.

Engaging with History

Rather than promoting individual resources, our campaign focused on the broader mission of American Battlefield Trust and how educators could be part of a community dedicated to preserving history and shaping future generations.

Through our digital strategy and engagement, we compelled educators to join American Battlefield Trust’s communication flow, keeping the organization top of mind when educators were looking for lesson plans or additional interactive resources to teach these eras of history.

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Putting Our Audience in the Forefront

The campaign we created highlighted the pivotal role that history teachers play in shaping their students’ understanding of the past and its relevance to the present and future. Through compelling storytelling and visuals, we positioned educators as heroes who empower students to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and history-makers in the making. 

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Broadening Digital Horizons

Recognizing the evolving nature of education and the changing needs of educators, we took the proactive approach of broadening American Battlefield Trust’s digital presence and engagement strategies. Leveraging social media platforms, we connected with a vibrant community of educators interested in history education.

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Building Audience Relationships

By expanding American Battlefield Trust’s reach, we created multiple touchpoints for educators to interact with the brand, deepening their connection and loyalty over time. This approach increased brand awareness and established American Battlefield Trust as a trusted source of historical education resources and support within the education community.

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Making Warm Leads Warmer

Building on the success of initial engagement efforts, we implemented a retargeting strategy to further nurture warm leads and drive deeper connections with American Battlefield Trust’s offerings. We identified audiences that had already shown interest in the organization’s resources through previous interactions; then, through personalized messaging, we encouraged these warm leads to take the next step in their engagement journey by signing up for American Battlefield Trust’s newsletter.

Through strategic collaboration and storytelling, we effectively amplified American Battlefield Trust’s message, resulting in significant engagement and outreach results among educators and students. The campaign not only promoted historical education, but also fostered lasting connections with American Battlefield Trust’s audiences, ensuring ongoing impact in the fields of history, education, and battlefield preservation.




Increase In YouTube Channel Subscribers during the campaign period


Million Impressions


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